Simple search help needed

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I’m an idiot.

I want a list of all recordings of “K 283” (whether listed as K.283, K. 283, K283 or K 283) by anyone with “Mozart” in their name, on a release by Claudio Arrau.

Can someone please help me?


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I think something like this should work?:


I am often feeling like an idiot too when trying to make use of the search function b.t.w.
(Most humans probably will?)

I think this should work o.k., and I am guessing that ‘Track’ here is probably the same as what is usually called ‘Recording’ elsewhere in the MusicBrainz universe.


You might have better luck searching by work:

Clicking through from the first movement, I found this:

Added: Or starting from Claudio Arrau’s artist page, you can filter by artist credit (there’s only one credit that includes Mozart). Or on his recording page, filter on “283” (which will get you recordings on compilations, too, although in this case it still points to the same one release).

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