Similar concert on the same day

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So, how would I approach an event where there are three consecutive concerts on the same day with the same artist and venue, but different setlists. I should make three separate events, right? But should I connect the concerts with a series or with a single event that encompasses the three concerts together?
On a related note, it feels like the style guidelines for events are inadequate.

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I think this depends on how they’re “logically”/semantically(?) set up. I think I’d need more context to make a call on this.

Probably because they are. :slight_smile: Events are are a very new entity, and also in many ways a new kind of entity. It was a deliberate decision (IIRC) to not make a bunch of guidelines before even releasing Events, since it generally isn’t possible to know everything about how they will be used or what things will need guidelines. We’re slowly adding new guidelines as cases warranting them comes up.


Were tickets sold separately? Or was it a 3-in-1 thing? I’ve seen cases of a band playing the same venue twice the same day because of high demand, but not of the concerts being explicitly different in content.


The tickets for each concert are sold separately but they are advertised together as a single event.

My inclination would be, yes, separate events for the different shows, but unless they’re advertised as a special event I wouldn’t necessarily add an encompassing meta-event.

That is, if the concerts were collectively “Famous Act plays its first 3 albums in their entirety!” then I would create a meta-event for that. If Famous Act just happens to be playing multiple concerts in Big City, then whether they’re on the same day or consecutive days, I wouldn’t create one.