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Last month, PureVolume announced that they were shutting down at the end of April. This site is on MB’s whitelist for external links. Well, the site is still up, and they’ve changed the warning that automatically pops up. It now says: is shutting down in its current form. If you were storing music here, you will have until May 30th, 2018 to download it. Thanks for all your support and we look forward to sharing with you the new in the coming months.

I think this probably means that Hive Media Group found a buyer for the site, but I haven’t found a press release. So, I guess it remains to be seen whether our links to PureVolume will still be alive on 31 May.

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The site is now partially offline, so links from MusicBrainz to PureVolume may or may not be dead. now appears to be offline in some areas (they use AWS). The subdomains of that I checked are still online, including,, and

PureVolume had postponed the shutdown again (this time until 30 June). Pages on still proclaim a shutdown date of 30 June.

Does MusicBrainz have a bot that can systematically change URIs to archive links when a site shuts down?

If MBS would automatically do something, it is marking those URL as ENDED.
Then for ENDED URL, we can have links changed to archive but not the data itself, the URL must stay the same in DB, only the display of the URL in page would be turned into a potentially non‐working archive link.
Like what does the ALL LINKS script, until it exists in MBS

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What about manual changes? Should we not add links to the Wayback Machine,, etc.? I add archive links sometimes if, for example, an artist’s official site is offline.