Showing works in event setlists

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In an Event, I can add several works to a setlist using the approved Works linking syntax. Can I then look at a Work, and find out where it has been performed (ie. in what setlists it is included).

For example, if I look at the event “KISS at Hard Rock Live (2013-08-18)”, I can see for example that a work called “Mainline” was featured. If I then look a the work “Mainline”, I can’t see anything to suggest it was played at the Concert. Should I be able to? If can add a Relationship to a work for an event, but only for premieres.


Setlists are a bit of text, essentially. They are not relationships, and there is no “backlink” for that reason.


That’s what I thought. So is there an approved way to add a relationship from a work to an event (other than a Premiere), and if not, is it worth making a feature request?


The relationships you have available are:

Recording Location for [recording]
Premiere for [Work]

Which, to be honest, I find to be the useful ones that I would expect, rather than to list every time a song has been played.
Although if that’s useful to you perhaps adding a request for that relationship, or a better way to do setlists would be a good idea?


The Event Setlist already lists every song that is play. It is important because artists should get a payment every time their work is performed. So if we changed the Setlist format from “free text” to an artist/work field, there would be little overhead, but we get a more useful relationship.


But royalties aren’t paid based on MusicBrainz entries.


I wrote the Event code during a GSoC, and I didn’t have the time (nor, sadly, the ability) to do a full-fledged “event editor” for them. So we got a crappy text field. I would personally like to see this improved upon, but I also understand events are a small part of MB and the main priorities are elsewhere :slight_smile:


I would also like to see a real relationship for works to events