Should we ask non-autoeditors to fix a massive number of recent, time-consuming mistakes? - Non Auto-editor responses

I guess it is the autoeditors tag that stops the rest of us from contributing to the thread: Should we ask non-autoeditors to fix a massive number of recent, time-consuming mistakes?

But you also made it visible to the rest of us so I guess you want some feedback? If not, hide it again and I’ll delete this thread.

To answer your question - when I see mistakes I will correct them. Especially if it is an artist I care about. I will attempt to engaged the editor and show them the mistakes they are making. We all want the best quality data. So we should do all we can to help the data. If we can help teach an editor, great, but we should never drop to a level of screaming at people.

Beginners get confused very easily. I know I did when I started. So we need to be gentle and nudge them in the right direction. If they storm off in a huff and quit - then they clearly were not going to be here long term.

I believe in leading by setting an example. Make the edits, show them where the error is, and hope they then follow on and correct more of their mistakes themselves.

Personally I like No votes and keen to learn and correct, but then I know I am a bit odd :laughing:


The specific case this is about is the same editor making the same errors over multiple years despite being informed to stop.

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I’ll delete this thread if you don’t want us non-AEs involved. Just seemed an odd post to be made visible? Sorry, I don’t know how AE land works :slight_smile:

If everything that editor does is annoying, then someone official needs to talk to them. If they do positive stuff as well then we need to put up with the balance?

No I will do it!
just tell me problem

Ivan you can assist me if I get tired :slight_smile:

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I have no idea what is going on. :laughing: That thread is probably going to make lots of people feel paranoid for missing edit notes and\or disagreeing with an AE. I know I was starting to have a few guesses at people who do weird edits without notes or checking sources.

I don’t know what you need assistance with @tillywilly, but I think your music is usually on the edge of my knowledge.

I was totally joking with you buddy, sorry about my behavior today

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Nothing to apologise about. I am pre-coffee here, so can miss the subtilties of language. I know I let slip the meaning of my “ivan-fixit” tags. So half expecting to see “ivan-fixit-tillywilly” ones appearing. :rofl: Sometimes I enjoy a blast of cleanup down some odd rabbit hole. And I am always impressed by the mission you seem to be on. :slight_smile:

haha I am here to support and do my little role here. There is no place like mb.

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very good question
I have seen that

I put on a burst, fix everything, then let senior editors decide what to do about editor

Sentenced to cleaning up Abba. :rofl:


One interesting side of MB I like is the editing system. It is Anarchy. There is no leader. There are no Moderators or Admins. There are a collection of people with fast editing rights, but no one at the top of the pile who we all must Obey. AEs have zero authority. A community thrashes out solutions, all votes equal. A noobie’s vote is worth the same as a Freso or Zas.

This does confuse some editors who think they can continue to get away with things if they are sneaky. But even those people find they get other editors subscribe to their edits and then stalk them. They are not “beating a system”, they are just annoying fellow editors. This does lead to some entertaining editing battles, but things usually sort themselves out in the end. :grin:


For what it’s worth, and without entering into the main topic: AFAICT threads in the autoeditors category are public, but only people with the autoeditor tag can post in them. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a fully closed post that can’t be viewed by others, although I’m not an expert on the forum software and @Freso might correct me on that :slight_smile:


The autoeditor tag only links to the elections and that one thread. But by adding the tag it stopped other parts of the community from responding. Apart from elections that is literally the only time I had seen that happen. I am really not trying to imply anything dodgy going on.

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It is literally the only non-autoeditor-election thread in the autoeditors category :smiley: (well, except that default “About the … category” thread created for each category initially)


Which is what makes it so funny then. :joy: It is not just AEs who care about the quality of the data and chase lazy editors around. I’ll often swing the old Cricket Bat of Compliance™ at people. Just everyone needs different ways of coaxing.

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Until you realize it’s actually a dictatorship:



The BDFL does suggest to sort it all out among each other first. I understand that “Duelling Pistols at Dawn” is the preferred method. It is clearly implied in that clause that waking the BDFL from his castle will have Chaotic Consequences. :exploding_head:


I found out BDFL is benevolent dictator for life.

One of them in each domain:


If the community can’t sort something out then we need the dictator (shall we be nice and say arbitrator?) so we can edit with confidence!*

Okay, the split threads has gotten weird now… for what it’s worth my ‘kindly ask people to not to keep crapping into the database, for a few weeks, then report’ approach was in effect long before I became an AE.

Apart from faster editing AE status doesn’t make ones vote count for more - imo both in terms of literal votes and in terms of discussion. Hopefully everyone feels empowered to vote and encourage good editing!

*just want everyone to know that I love the dictators! May they live forever! Unless there’s ever an editor revolution, in which case they are poos, spare me thankyou xo