Should URLs be added to performance aliases in this very specific way?

I know, the title is a bit odd. I couldn’t think of a short way of saying it tho… :sweat_smile:

I deal with a lot of artists with a multitude of aliases. often these artists will release music by each of these aliases under the same stream (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.). I wonder if these links should be added to all the aliases that get released on these pages, or not? some examples might help (note all but one of these are one-person projects):

  • Lex is an artist with many character aliases, and all their music is released either through their Bandcamp or SoundCloud. I’ve entered these links the way I’m proposing, adding the links to all the aliases it applies to (has not been done yet for the other examples below)
  • clover (aka HARMOCORN RECORDS) is a very similar story to the above, releasing music on their Bandcamp under several names
  • Mumble Etc. is a slightly different case, because it’s two people doing the “releasing music under 15 different aliases” thing, but I think it can still apply here, and to all of the aliases under the personal label (which doesn’t include all of them, as Mumble also releases noise tracks under Barrfparty). these links include a Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube channel

I think adding these links like this makes them easier to find (you wouldn’t believe how difficult it currently is to get to Mumble Etc’s Bandcamp page from any of their artist pages) but it does give us quite a bit of data duplication, which is usually not ideal

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My question is - when they picked up the mic what was the name they used on that day? Who were they when they wrote \ performed the piece?

Not who are they now when they are selling it years later as “look at something I did in my past”.

I want to know the name of the performer, not the salesman. Even if they are physically the same person.

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my question isn’t about the different aliases (which all three artists have used concurrently to each other, and this practice is pretty widely used, just look at the many names tag), I’m asking if the Bandcamp URLs (and others) should be added to each of the aliases

edit: for clarity, I changed the title too

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