Should these two releases be deleted?

A few days ago I added all the physical releases available for purchase on this Bandcamp album page. It’s 2 vinyl records (black and red), a CD and cassette and there are signed versions of them as well. Additionally, there’s also the option to purchase a bundle of all the three media (in a signed or plain form as well), which I have added to the database as well. However, I’ve started thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have added the two bundles, because I don’t know if they come in the same packaging or not. I mean, they are probably shipped inside a box and sent as a parcel but other than that I don’t know if they share the same packaging - it could just be three different media inside a cardboard box. So, with that in mind, do you think the bundles should be kept in the database?


Personally I would not add ‘bundles’, unless I knew they came in special packaging, or included a unique colour vinyl (or something like that).

Excellent work on that rg though :smiling_face_with_tear:


I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t add the bundles or the signed copies as separate entries unless there’s something different in the packaging. Any copy can be signed by someone or sold with a t-shirt or poster and I don’t think it makes it a separate release even if they advertise it that way. Seems like something for an annotation. But that’s just like my opinion man.

That being said, I wouldn’t bother merging releases like that if someone else did it - you put in the work and I wouldn’t call it wrong.


Thank you, guys, it took me some time to add them all and I’m glad you appreciate the work I did!

So, in your opinion the releases I’ve added shouldn’t be separate. To be honest, I think I agree with you but if I leave the release group as is, it wouldn’t be wrong, right? My concern is to be as accurate as possible and retaining the separate releases for the bundles and the signed copies wouldn’t be too inaccurate, right? I mean, the current sate of the rg does reflect the way the releases are being sold, doesn’t it?

Correct. I think the guidelines in this area are more open to interpretation - so it’s more about opinion. Nothing wrong with how you did it even if some disagree. The one real issue (in my mind) is that if you find some missing details , you’ll have multiple entries to update. But that can happen either way.