Should these two artist entries be merged?

All her albums share a single page on both Spotify and Apple music. But I am unsure as someone went through the trouble of linking them but not merging. Seems she previously used her birth name then started using a stage name. The “performs as” thing is new to me.

“Performs as” is meant to be used if there’s two different projects based on name, basically (see the relevant guideline). I don’t know what is the case here, so hopefully someone who knows more about the artist can give feedback - them being all under the same profile in stores kinda suggests they could be merged but without knowing anything else, it’s hard for me to give a 100% answer :slight_smile:

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Two years after departing from Stardom Ent. and EvoL, Hayana went onto make her debut as a soloist on May 12, 2017, with the release of her first digital single, “Wish”. She had a fruitful year in music and went onto release “Desperado” and “Galaxy”. However, due to unknown reasons, Hayana went inactive as a singer after 2017 and would not resurface until 2021.

In 2021, Hayana returned to the music scene, this time with the new stage name BÉBE YANA. Her first work as BÉBE YANA was the collaborative song, “adam”, on hip-hop singer chilloud’s album hyperpop saved my life. On September 6, BÉBE YANA released her fourth digital single, “Strawberry Kisses”. On December 19, she released the double single “Fairy’s On Her Highway”.

This is the only thing I can find that talks about it in any way. She’s not the most well known soloist and was in a pretty small group.
From what I understand of how this all works I feel like they should be merged. But I’m still new to it all.

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I think you can merge them. It looks like fans would consider this all part of the same artist discography :slight_smile:

Don’t tick the ‘Update matching artist and relationship credits to use the target artist’s name’ checkbox when merging, so her earlier releases still get credited under the original name.

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Hopefully I got that right. Thank you!

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