Should these releases be merged?

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Should these two releases be merged?

Also, is there any reason to have release dates for 200+ countries when release date for [Worldwide] is there?

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By all appearances, they are the same release; I would submit them for merging. The cover art looks different only because Deezer filters their covers for some reason. Oftentimes, the filter makes the image appear extra dark, saturated, or high contrast. This is done after an artist or label submits the album, so (afaik) it is beyond their creative control. It’s possible that there isn’t a consensus on this topic, but personally I’ve never considered Deezer’s filter to warrant a separate release.

In the cached a-tisket pages, it looks like the Spotify and Deezer releases were both distributed to all available territories. When that’s the case, a-tisket empowers editors to set the release to [Worldwide] (my preference), or to enumerate all the territories. I can’t speak for others, but if you merged and reduced the territory list to [Worldwide], I’d upvote you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for replying! I will submit them for merging.


I’ll fix the worldwide issue. It’s a true worldwide release, so no need for all the countries.