Should these releases be merged? (iTunes release vs Apple Music release)

I’m not sure what to do with these releases of the Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 soundtrack.

  • Release 1: 18 tracks, iTunes US external link
  • Release 2: 19 tracks, Apple Music US external link

The two releases have the same barcode, same iTunes/Apple Music id (from the URLs), and would be identical if not for the extra track on release 2: a video ‘A Thousand Years (Beyond the Video)’.

I don’t have access to the iTunes US store (and using a VPN didn’t help either) so I can’t confirm if release 1 is missing an extra track, and the iTunes link redirects to the Apple Music link in the browser which I had added as release 2.

Maybe someone in the US could check if release 1 has the extra video?

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Yes, both are actually 18 track releases with 1 video on the end. I verified that the US (I live in Texas) iTunes store also has the video on the release.