Should releases with different bonus merchandise/goods be added as separate releases?

Just making sure here but if an album has different releases with the sole difference being the bonus items that come along with it depending on where you buy it, does it warrant a new release or just one release for all of them is sufficient.


We can do either way but personally I would do a single release with annotation explaining bonuses that I know of.

And if there are photos of the goods, they should also come with comments such as « Fnac bonus poster » / « HMV bonus puzzle » / etc.

But if the bonus is musical (CD, concert DVD, etc.) we should obviously make a separate release.


If the barcode is different, that’s also obviously a new release (I know you said “sole difference” but just in case :slight_smile: )


For me it would depend on the bonus items and how they’re distributed. If it’s something that the store itself adds to it, then I might keep it as a single item, but if it’s something that’s marketed as two separate products (e.g., has two different Amazon ASINs), then I would probably make them two separate releases.

TL;DR: It depends.



I hope that what you want to say is not related to Japanese anime or Japanese idol group.

Once you start doing it you will lose control.
Bonus items are different for famous anime shops and events.
For example,“animate” foo shop only original anime girls character post card (random 6 variety), “Comic Toranoana” bar shop only original Anime girls character ballpoint pen(random 6 variety), something baz event only button badge(random 6 variety),and so on.

So, How many Pokémon are there in total?
How many members are JKT48?
It is terrible.
I do not know about circumstances in other areas.
However, at least for the things related to Japan, it seems to be safe to keep it in cases like jackets are different.

It’s not an idol, there are 8 kinds of “Megitsune”.

If it combines bonus goods with this, it will be hard.


Not quite but it is from Japan. :wink:

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Beware of them. It looks like tax collection. I spent about 4500 USD before yuimetal left. Madoka ☆ Magica spent about 900 USD. Of course, I am satisfied. They are masterpieces. However···:sweat_smile:

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