Should non‐breaking spaces be used? If so, when?

I’m mainly asking this because of the single “Life in a Northern Town”, whose B‐side (“Test Tape No. 3”) has a numero sign in the title. I think it would make sense to put a non‐breaking space after the numero sign, but as far as I know there is nothing in the Style Guidelines that mentions them. Should a non‐breaking space be used there? Also, should guidelines be written on their usage (if none already exist)?

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It’s not currently possible to use a no-break space character, it will get converted to a regular space.


@Lotheric, in French, the really correct character (after « and before :;!?») would even be a narrow no-break space (NNBSP) U+202F.

And we have those full width spaces that were also forbidden on MB Japanese tracklists in 2012.

Regular width spaces sure look weird to me in French, but…

As normal spaces are more easy to type, I wonder if we should really stop forbidding all variants…

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