Should MusicBrainz have MOD music documentation?

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Hey all,
This is my first post on the forums here, but this is something I figured I should ask around about.

So recently I added the release “I Grew Up With Video Games” by Algar. I got the information directly from the artist’s Bandcamp, found here.

The artist credits the original song of a remix they did to an artist called “illmidus”. Initially, I was unable to find ANY information on this artist. But then, I found one single solitary bit of information on it at
This appears to be where the remixed track originated from.

I ended up adding illmidus as an artist, seeing that all websites that have Algar’s album (iTunes, Deezer, etc) credit illmidus as the track artist, and not himself.

Until now, I had never encountered anything about MOD music in my time as a music nerd on the internet. But, there appears to be a large subcommunity that exists (it’s been around for 20+ years!) and is still active. Wikipedia has information on MOD music here: here. has more information on their website too.

But here’s where my question comes in: Should we (MusicBrainz users) document MOD music and their musicians? There appears to be quite a lot of MOD music out there, and like I said there is a rather large subcommunity that exists as well.
But conversely, many of these MOD tracks are not contained on actual albums, or are a part of actual releases; they are only found online typically in single-file format, much like the link I gave up above to illmidus’s song “Rezar”. And, like I said, there’s a lot of it.

Should we add the artists of these tracks and simply file all songs under “[standalone recording]”? Or is documentation on this sort of music culture not really MusicBrainz’s thing?

I won’t be adding any more modular music unless they are part of an actual “album” until I hear from the rest of you what the general consensus is on this topic.

Update: by doing some more browsing on modarchive, I found more tracks by this “illmidus” individual. So, perhaps if we do documentation it should be for artists who have 2 or more songs attributed to them?

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If it’s music, we’re interested.

If they’re all or almost all single tracks put up online, it’s open to discussion whether they should be entered as singles, as “other” releases, or as standalone recordings. Do they get cover art?


If you know the release date, it’s often written in the group NFO files, then make it a single release.
@reosarevok, it can happen that they have a cover, especially the internet era ones, but pre‐internet they all had a FILE_ID.DIZ that I use as a cover when I have time to render them…


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll go ahead and start adding stuff we don’t have as singles releases. Just wasn’t sure if adding this sort of thing was OK because some of the older MOD music files on there seem to be rather disorganized…
@jesus2099 how do you go about rendering the FILE_ID.DIZ files (if they’re present?) Do you use a certain MOD music creation program?


I don’t remember, I generated the PNG files in 2013 as I can read it in

I did use several ones:

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Or if on Windows - the Snipping Tool?

Yes it’s just a screenshot, basically, except that the fonts now don’t look like they did, back then.
And the charset is not the same either.
So the ASCII art is either not good looking or even completely broken, if we don’t use a special viewer. :slight_smile:

That should just be a case of swapping fonts in Notepad to something a bit more OldSkool. At least swap to Courier so it is proportionally spaced. I guess the MOD community would have some guidelines.

I think I must have used a PHP version of to generate my PNG files…
And they support the PCB format colour codes as well, as I have some FILE_ID.DIZ with that included, I think I chose this tool, back then.

Oh no, I found back what I used (but ANSILOVE seems cool), it’s a modified nfo2png.php that mentions as project page but is non existant now.
I think I should rather use ANSILOVE now. :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m editing my post again.
I searched a few seconds and found NFO to PNG/nfo2png PHP project back, in case someone is interested! :wink:
I still think next time I need I will try Ansilove out, as the website is so cute.