Should I cancel or revert edits I made in violation of CoC?

I recently made about 40 edits, all of a similar sort, that I wasn’t sure were correct. Most of them were applied without objection, but one of them is still open.

Having recently looked at the Code of Conduct I’ve seen the requirement to “Ask questions in the forums or in Communication/IRC if you’re unsure”, so I shouldn’t have submitted those edits without asking here first. Is it acceptable for me to retrospectively ask about these edits, or should I revert the edits (and cancel the open one) first?


I think you might be correct on 78193458 but I do not know enough Korean and kpop.

Loona is the band and a member of that band has released two songs that are crediting the singer not the band.
Having the band credited as the release artist and the singers credited as an artist on that track matches the online sources for information.

Hello, bjh21. Welcome to MusicBrainz! Thank you for helping to make the database better.

I really appreciate your conscientiousness in wanting to do right by the Code of Conduct. Be reassured that while trying to follow every last of our arcane rules and guidelines is wonderful, making edits is also wonderful, even if they aren’t always perfect.

Remember, we have a voting system for most edits. This gives a chance for others to review your work. Make good edit notes when you make your edits. Then be responsive to comments during voting. If someone points out how to do better, take that to heart. Maybe it’s worth cancelling edits that are wrong. More often, it’s better to accept the imperfect edit as forward progress, then make another edit which improves the record even more.

If you make an edit and then have a question about how best to handle it, by all means, make a forum post asking your question, linking to your edit, and explaining why you make the choice you did. That will probably turn into votes on your edit, which is great, and edit comments, which is great, and maybe even an illuminating forum conversation.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!
—Jim DeLaHunt


Thank you. That’s very helpful.