Should I add songs from a podcast?

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I don’t know exactly when, but it has been in the year 2007 or 2008 that I started “using” a podcast of the norwegian NRK P3 radio. Using, because it wasn’t a real podcast… basically I downloaded songs from their Urort page, and then rated them. Some of the songs I deleted, but I kept most of them. Now I want to ask, if they should be added to Musicbrainz. There are different “tiers” of bands and songs, I want to use a system that would help to identify what to do with different songs.

  1. band is not on Musicbrainz

a) band has releases and the song is on an official release -> I added some bands already, and I think there’s no need to argue here

b) band has releases, but the song(s) I have on my disk is not on any release -> ?

c) band has no releases, but the song is available on youtube, bandcamp or still on the NRK site -> ?

d) band has no releases, there’s no way to download the song now, but there’s enough information on the band like a facebook page or something like this -> ?

e) band has no releases, and there’s just basic or no information available. -> ?

  1. band is already on Musicbrainz

a) the band did not release said song on any known release other than said podcast -> ?

b) the band renamed and released the song on a release with another band name -> ?

so… actually I don’t know what to do in almost all of the instances I encountered. Can you help me or give some advide how to handle this? Is it good enough to know the song was for download via the NRK page some years ago? How obscure can a band be to be added?

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The band and recording need to exist for it to be added to the database.
If you have enough information in your edit notes where you found this information it will make the job easier for the next person that discovers these recordings.

As always try and make sure you have the correct artist so take a look at some of the usual palces such as soundcloud, facebook, twitter etc and look for the track name.
Also consider looking at the way back when machine at and doing a google site: search to limit results to a domain as that can help.
From your description these may be local artists that may not have released anything else.
The community radio station that I listen to has shared music from local artist in the past and I have added this to the database.


Thanks for your input…basically what I understand is: I can add everything, but only after research. I’ll do that.
The only way to add the songs is via the add standalone recording, right?

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