Should I add live bootlegs to an artist's discography?

So, I’ve tried to read the documentation and look around here but I’ve got somewhat confused, in all honesty, as to what to do with live bootlegs.

There are a couple of live bootlegs for Alice in Chains that were somehow released on Spotify, and I don’t know whether they should be added to the database as a release or not, given their unofficial status. They don’t belong to any existing release groups.

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Yes, you can add bootlegs/illegal releases. As long as they saw ‘substantial’ public release. Make sure to set the bootleg status on the release.

Note that a release group with only promo or bootleg content will not be shown in the default discography view - you have to click ‘Show all release groups’ at the bottom of the artist page. On that note it’s worth double checking if those Alice in Chains bootlegs definitely haven’t already been added, easy to miss sometimes.