Should create temporary artist groups, or use Special Propose Artists?

I sometimes faces to a named-group of artists which are gathered temporary only for that recording; such as handclappers for example.
Should I register them as a new artist; though it is quite clear that they will never appear again?
Or, should I use one of special-purpose-artists, such as [unknown]; as they are unknown people gathered in the recording studio, and use credit-as to inform the name of the temporary group?
[anonymous] might be also good as I think there are no chance to have a detail.

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I think I’d typically create an artist page for these, and make sure it’s well annotated and disambiguated for future editors. I’ve even done this when there’s credits for each member of the temporary group (such as the chorus vocals on this release), but perhaps in that case the credits should go to the people involved instead…

another example, I believe this group(?) did chorus vocals for this Five Iron Frenzy track, but it’s only credited as “Guest vocals”


I don’t see the point in creating an artist entry for a “group” that we know (to some reasonable degree of certainty) we’ll never have more information about or additional credits/relationships for.

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How are those credited on the album? :slight_smile:

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They are credit as Nanpa Clappers, for example.

Other example is IKKITAI whom appears in B’z recordings; who are gathered from people in the recording studio.

Similar to IKKITAI is B.B.IKKIES whom also appears in B’z recordings.

Porno graffitti recordings also have similar temporary groups. パチパチぱっちんず - MusicBrainz うぐいすボーイズ - MusicBrainz うぐいすガールズ - MusicBrainz

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