Should Bebel Gilberto's sort name be Bebel Gilberto?

I’m seeing her first name as “Isabel Gilberto” (a compound name), since her father is “João Gilberto” (compounded), and her mother, “Heloísa Maria”.

This way should her sort name be “Bebel Gilberto”, not “Gilberto, Bebel”?

Her website uses Bebel like a first name (“Bebel has”, “Bebel is”), so I would keep the sort name “Gilberto, Bebel”.


Bebel, or Bel, it’s a nickname to “Isabel”.

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So if I understand the context, “João Gilberto” is a compound (given) name, like “Juan Carlos” or “Bobby Joe”. However, it seems like the family of João Gilberto is treating Gilberto as a family name. English-language media seems to treat it as such; the New York Times, for example, refers to Bebel Gilberto as “Ms. Gilberto”. But I would guess MB gives more weight to Portuguese usage in this case.

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Yes… It’s quite like that.

João Gilberto it’s son of Juveniano Domingos de Oliveira and Martinha do Prado Pereira de Oliveira.

In Brazil names of the son uses as middle name, the family’s name of the mother, then the family’s name of the father.

Since his name is “João Gilberto” they choose his name as: João Gilberto Prado Pereira de Oliveira

Many of his childrens are known as Name + “Gilberto” even those that have not “Gilberto” on theirs name. (So I consider it a nickname. Am I right?)

Even those that aren’t really his family uses it, as Astrud Gilberto (it’s only an artistic name).

I understand that it’s a quite common error of international media treating it as a last name, specially for João Gilberto, but it is a single first name.

For Isabel (the person in question), it’s quite different, since it could be considered a middle name, even not been a family’s name. That’s why I’ve asked.

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You are Brazilian?
And you’ve looked at the artist’s webpage and material on Releases?
And no other Brazilian is contradicting you?

I see you as our expert on Brazilian naming practices.

If I understand you correctly “Bebel Gilberto” is a single name, like “Betty-Jo”.
And that the sort name is not “Gilberto, Bebel”, in a way that parallels “Jo, Betty” not being the sort-name of Betty-Jo.
And further a confusion has arisen because “Bebel Gilberto” is sometimes shortened to “Bebel”. But that shortening should be understood as being like the shortening of Betty-Jo to Betty.