Should a title given in a second language be included?

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My question concerns this release: Release “Montana: A Love Story” by George Winston
The back cover art is relevant here: Back cover art

This is primarily an English-language release; however, the album art also shows non-English names for tracks 7 and 12. Track 7 has the English title followed by the original Irish title in parentheses. Track 12 has the English title followed by a Latin-character transliteration of the Japanese title. I noticed that when this release was created on MusicBrainz, the Japanese title was included, but the Irish title was not. Is this how it should be?

I found on this page of the documentation the statement, “When a release has titles in several languages (for example, English / German / French), enter the tracklist in the main language of the release.” That makes it sound like only English should be included here, even though the artist’s intent was clearly to also show the other languages. Note that the English title of track 7 is a direct translation of the Irish title, while the English title of track 12 is not a translation of the Japanese title. The Japanese title is roughty “Moon Over the Old Castle”, but the artist gave it a completely new English title: “Music Box”. In the liner notes, the Japanese title is also given in the Japanese script: Booklet image

Tracks 16 and 17 also have non-English titles in parentheses, but these are merely personal names (of the artist’s cats), so it seems obvious to me that they should be included, as they currently are.

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I would add everything as on back cover.
The documentation you refer to I believe applies to where every track has a translation included, eg every track in english and then in french underneath.


I would add those parts, which belong to the track title, as on back cover
(and link/add the appropriate works for the composer, which is shown in brackets).

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I hope I’ve done this right.

  • There is a pending edit to add the Irish name to the track title (and the recording title).
  • I also created a new work with the Irish title and listed the composer and lyricist as “[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)”.
  • Then I added a relationship to the recording so that it is shown as a “recording of” the new work I created.
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