Should a remix album be in the same release group as the original album?


I’ll start right with an example:

Blue Sky Black Death has an album called “Noire”. In the Noire release group you can find Noire and Noire DLXE which is a delux version containing bonus remixes.
Then there is also an additional release group called Noire + Violet which only contains some of the remixes from Noire DLXE, but no original tracks from Noire.
I’d still argue it should be in the same release group.

Instrumental versions of albums are also in the same release group as the original, so shouldn’t it be the same with remix albums (unless of course the remix album is credited to a different artist)?


That’s sort of the purpose of having a release group. Being able to group various releases under one heading.


there’s also

if you look at the bottom of the page, it says that this release contains other releases.

That makes it easier to be able to link items.


Here are two related discussions, one about remix singles:

and one about different language versions of the same album:

It seems there is no general consensus about any of this yet.

But just from a MetaBrainz user’s point of view: If I wondered whether there was a remix version of a specific album I’d search in that album’s release group and not go to the artist and scroll down to the remix albums. There I’d rather expect albums with random remixes.

info for me

If within the next 6 days a consensus is found and it is to not merge remix albums into their original album’s release groups I’ll cancel these edits:


The idea of release groups is that the releases in there should be mostly equivalent. So, someone who’s not a hardcore collector will generally only need one of the releases in a release group.

For example: I would not consider these two equivalent (neither does Wikipedia FWIW) and I think the current two RGs option is better for them:

That said, your specific example is a bit trickier than strictly “album vs remix album”, so I’m not sure what’s the ideal option there.


I didn’t listen to those examples, but I imagine they are mostly instrumentals and according to the displayed first paragraph of the wikipedia article these remixes were created by various producers and recording artists, which I’d say makes it a whole new album too.
My example above however is entirely remixed by the same group and basically the songs are just played more slowly (I’m sure there is more to it, but that’s the only way they feel different).

Other examples where I would merge are if the music is not instrumental and the remix album contains remixes (by different producers) where the vocals are not changed.