Several questions/requests


  1. Is it possible to show an artist IPI code (along with disambiguation info) when selecting an artist for tracklist/relationship editor? I suppose this may sound a bit “exotic” since probably a few editors would find it useful. But in my case (since i am working with PRO data) i often have to check an artist IPI (opening it separate window) before choosing it from the list (esp. in case of similar names).

  2. I would like to discuss (probably again) about production music libraries and using them as album artists.

Some examples:

Colossal Trailer Music

exists as “artist” in digital stores

Revolt Production Music

exists as “artist” in digital stores

Fired Earth Music

in digital stores all albums go under individual/various artists

in digital stores all albums go under individual/various artists

What i am trying to say that in case of digital stores (as i see) there is no “standard” about production music libraries. Some of them exist as single “artist”, while albums from other ones assigned to various/individual artists. Also when a library presented as single artist it often doesnt show individual track composers (all tracks credited to library name).

From my point of view this production libraries definetely functions as “album artist” while tracks credits should show individual composers. In mosts cases i see that editors dont bother to add invidual track composers and just leave the album as it presented in digital store.

So what i want to ask/request…

  • For artist we have a “types”: person, group, character, other… How do you think should a production music library have its own type? Ofc you can always assign “other”, but i think it has a good reasons to be its own type.

  • And this is probably more a request for other editors - dont assign individual/various artists for an album if its belong to production music library (has its catalog number etc.). I suppose this could be a reason for disscussion, but lets discuss then - since we dont have a strict MB style/guide for this part.

  1. Could we add large production music site adresses as automatically detected links? Such sites contain enournmous amounts of production music, where on MB presented a very small part of it. Also usually such sites provides its own detailed metadata about tracks (a subject for scraping?); example:
    Alibi Music Library

A few example of such sites:

  1. I see MB still uses IRC for chat. Did you ever think about discord? :slight_smile:

That’s generally doable, but please add MBS tickets specifying what kind of URL should be autoselected and to what.

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Personally, I would rather have IPI (among other things) be searchable data. But not necessarily included in search results of a name.
And from a programming point of view, it may seem like an “exotic request” simply because the majority of the artists in the database have not even registered for an IPI.


*side note - I am glad we have implemented the bot notice for when we add an IPI that already exists.
I mean, by the time you are adding a duplicate IPI, a duplicate artist already exists. But it is nice to be made aware of “duplicate artist”.


I’ve always wanted to be able to search by ISRC on the recordings page in editor. When you’ve imported that a-tisket feed and it gives you the ISRC you can see on various artist comps, etc. which version of the recording you have by just entering that instead of the name of the recording.