Set video recordings

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Question for the editing script makers. One script I’ve always wanted and never found. Mass change recordings from audio to video. Is there anyway to make a script where you can change all recordings on a medium to videos to make editing DVD Videos quicker so that you don’t have to go to each recording one by one?


Maybe, it should not always make all recordings videos.
We could have something like check boxes, maybe.

Many musical DVD-Video have the album in 5.1 mix (with a still image), which we don’t always consider video.

And of course it should provide edit note text area as well as Make all edits votable checkbox.
Maybe it would automatically include the medium format and link in the edit note:

This recording is on '''''Young Americans''' (special edition)'' '''DVD-Video''' 2

This recording is on Young Americans (special edition) DVD-Video 2

Yeah, check boxes would probably be better.

I think @loujin was/is working on this.


Click Raw to install: Mark recordings as video by @loujin

Thanks for the links, @ROpdebee.


I haven’t tested it much but it should work

The “make edits votable” is already here. Adding the release info to the edit note is a good idea, I should do it


It’s great to finally see someone take a stab at this. However, it doesn’t seem to be working very well over here, where only 3/14 checkboxes show up:

It looks like it fails to provide a checkbox for any Recording that isn’t linked to a Work for most, but not all, of the releases I have tried this on.

On a release that is functioning with this script, I noticed that “select all” selects checkboxes for collapsed mediums. I would suggest ignoring the checkboxes of collapsed mediums, similar to how the “edit recording comments” userscript works.


Duh. I copied the behavior of another script where it made sense to hide boxes if works were not linked. Thanks, I’ll fix it tonight


And don’t you think you could get rid of the Show checkboxes button and display checkboxes as soon as one activates the script by clicking the fold out panel?

Could you add style="cursor: pointer;", so we know we can click it that folded section panel?

I did that locally, it is convenient. :wink:


Script fixed with @jesus2099’s suggestions, thanks!


I’ve got a bug report: text encoding isn’t correct:

  1. dropped the ampersand.
  2. truncated all text to the right of the ampersand in the trailing join phrase, as well as dropping the ampersand.

Thanks, it should be fixed now


I’ve noticed that recordings that are already marked as video are included in batch submissions. Would it be possible to silently skip them instead of having to check each recording manually?

Also, a function to remove video attributes would be nice to have. In case one misses that recordings were incorrectly merged or reused on a video release.

Just had a conflict where the script reset artist credits while I was editing a release at the same time:

I wonder, what if the script only set the video attribute instead of including all the other fields too.

It should be done automatically now

As far as I know, if the recording name is missing the edit fails. And missing ISRC means existing ones will be removed, so it’s never as easy as “only set the attribute you want”. But I removed the artist credit since this seems to work on test.mb.o


It’s a bummer but I’m not really surprised. Thanks for improving where it was possible.

I’ve seen other editors adding additional edit notes. Would you mind adding a field for customizing the edit note like in some of your other scripts?

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Done (version 2021.4.27)