Set cover art for release groups - guidelines

Hi, are there any guidelines on the “set cover art” option for release groups?
I’ve searched the documentation and this forum…

Should it be the first cover, most recent cover? Something else???
(The reason I ask is that I want my Listenbrainz profile to reflect the version I’m listening to, but I can understand that some people may be listening to other versions!)

The release cover that is the most representative of the concept of the release group (usually the original cover, although if another cover is the most common/recognizable, that should be used). Providing it is still representative, secondary considerations are (in this order) to use the highest quality image, and to prefer a square ratio for display purposes.

It’s a rather new guideline:


Brill, thanks! Will bookmark that.

I submit using the Foobar2000 player plugin, and it displays artwork for the specific version I’m listening to (amusingly, I would rather it just used the group cover)

Someone else can probably explain better, but I assume if you use a submitter that submits MBIDs (?) you will get your version cover as well.


OK, pieces of the puzzle are coming together - you add the MBID via Picard (I’d previously been using it just as a substitute for Universal Scrobbler).
Please could you link to the Foobar plugin you use? I am using one to submit my listens, but it doesn’t appear to submit the MBID of a track…

My advice isn’t that helpful sorry, as I haven’t really dug about for what’s needed - mainly because I already had Picard-tagged files anyway, and the first plugin I tried worked :wink:

This is the plugin I use: GitHub - phw/foo_listenbrainz2: A foobar2000 component to submit the music you listened to to ListenBrainz.