Seperate release or part of same release group - Alicia Keys' Remixed and Unplugged?

I was wondering, its seems there is no official policy regarding remix albums for releases, e.g. Alicia Keys Remixed & Unplugged in A Minor from her main release Songs in A Minor,

Release “Remixed & Unplugged in A minor” by Alicia Keys - MusicBrainz

i wanted to separate this as a separate release, it is causing some headaches for my catalogue as it gets automatically grouped into the main release as it is under the same release group. Any suggestions? I see the guidelines suggested leaning towards it being a separate release group.

Other situations

There are a number of situations where there is currently no consensus about whether releases should be grouped together or not. This includes the same album sung in different languages, re-recorded albums and remixed albums. Be aware that attempting to group these releases can be quite controversial. If in doubt, these releases should probably be in separate release groups.,Other%20situations,in%20doubt%2C%20these%20releases%20should%20probably%20be%20in%20separate%20release%20groups.,-Cover%20art

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Wow, incredible your link to doc page and highlight sentences!

By the way, it clearly says:

If in doubt, these releases should probably be in separate release groups.

Anfd, clearly, your remix album example would be much much much more useful in its own release group, indeed. :slight_smile:

They are all different recordings.

There are several topics in this forum about this, already.

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Thanks for the quick response and heads up. this was an interesting discussion on it:

Edit #62598159 - MusicBrainz

Think these should be separate.

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I agree, the Remixed & Unplugged release should be in a seperate release group, and additionally, you can add a remix relationship between the two release groups, for example, this Release group “I Remember (John Summit remix)” by deadmau5 & Kaskade - MusicBrainz