Separating Releases

When was the database changed to allow multiple releases or started using release groups? How do you go about separating releases when all the info is mixed together? I found a release with Canadian cover art and catalog number a US release event and all the disc ids mixed up. I went ahead and added a new release for the specific one I have and uploaded the correct cover art and moved the matching disc id to it. The Canada version disc id can be identified because the cover art uploader also added the disc ID. Not sure if the release event should be changed to canada or a new canadian release created and move cover art and disc id to it.

I also noticed that the user had uploaded Canadian cover art to other US releases but I think this was before multiple releases could be added.


Yeah - I have found a few confused ones like that. There was a time in the MB past when “Release Events” were a thing. So before an album came out a dozen dates got added to the database for all the different countries where a release would appear. Then at some later time this has been merged into the main database again. I’ve seen some bizarre side effects of that.

It is the nice part of the edit histories. Much of the madness can be untangled. Quality edits can be sifted from the don’t care and incorrect edits.

As you are caring about what you are doing, I would say it is worth cleaning this up as sensible as you can see. Discogs is a handy reference for filling in the gaps. And the edit histories make it clear if the MB editor was certain of their edits.

There is a Canadian version listed at Discogs which would help getting the details straight.

With the user who has uploaded lots of the wrong Canadian artwork to US versions - that is not totally surprising. Some users find this place very confusing and errors get made. They are usually easy to spot due to lack of edit notes. When errors like that are being made it is good to correct them if you have the correct art \ references \ time :slight_smile:

In this example you have now created a fresh US release with correct scanned art. So it may be simplest to convert the original one with the Canadian artwork to be the Canadian release.

My general attitude is to always try to add some polish and correct confused details. Leaving lots of waffly notes when making bigger changes like that. Adding information is always going to help someone. The MB database is ever growing. It is us fans of music that make this place what it is. :slight_smile: