Select images... not working since upgrade to FireFox 57

Anyone else having the issue of Select images… not working when trying to add artwork with the new FireFox 57?

Drag and drop is working.

I have some feedback on this issue. I reverted to FireFox 56 and the issue did not go away.

I have found the culprit however. The download manager I was using in FireFox was not compatible with FireFox 57 so installed Free Download Manager to replace it. This requires installing a browser extension for FDM. There are 2 available.

The “Free Download Manager extension” extension breaks “Select images…”.

The “Download with Free Download Manager (FDM)” extension works and does not break “Select images…”

Everything is working fine now. I hope this helps someone else too.


In what screen (please paste URL) are you selecting images?

Selecting images here.

Thanks for the solution! :slight_smile: