Seem to have lost a button

Hi All

I use a userscript to import releases from Itunes but I seem to have lost my import button.

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I’m using Edge version 122.0.2365.92.

Is there a userscript to import releases from spotify? I cant find any

Thanks all


you can always import from either of these with a link in a-tisket, or @RustyNova has a userscript which automagically sends a Spotify release to a-tisket for import


It happens. Usually if you just keep refeshing it’ll be back, but I only use that one if there are videos on the release. If not, a-tisket would be better.


Thank you both for your reply. I followed the URL and got this:

I dont know what to do next.

you’d hit the second link (spotify-musicbrainz-importer), near the top right there should be a button that says “Raw”. usually that’ll show you the raw code, but your userscript manager should pick up on that and ask if you wanna install the script

just a heads-up, I haven’t personally tested this script

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Thank Ultimate but I

guess I have lost the raw button also

oww found it thank you very much :slight_smile:

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