Searching for classical recording by track and recording artists

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I want to find any/all of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s recordings of Mahler’s 3rd Symphony.

Under I can’t see any differentiation between track artist and recording artists.

I can use the search syntax: artist:"Melbourne symphony orchestra" recording:"symphony no. 3" but that isn’t limited to Mahler.




First thing, don’t forget the AND or it will be an OR by default:"Melbourne+symphony+orchestra"+AND+recording%3A"symphony+no.+3"&type=recording&method=advanced

Apparently there is no way to search track artist.
I tried with artist: but it’s always the recording artist, and with trackartist: but it is not recognised.

Thanks @jesus2099. I wasn’t aware that ‘OR’ was the default logical operator. I’m not sure if it’s intuitive that way. Not many other search engines give you more results as you provide more information. I’m sure there’re good reasons why it’s so. Still, I’ll remember that for next time.

It’s odd why one can’t search for track artist. It’s not even in the web search api (

Thanks again.

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