Searching for a recording type “album” only


I have been try to refine my queries but am running into an issue.

Let’s say I’m looking for recordings of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”.

This search works fine:

"I wanna dance with somebody" AND artist:"whitney houston" AND type:album

However it produces a ton of results. All I want is the first release, so I thought adding a type of “album” would give me a more manageable set of results, but instead it includes everything like “Album + Compilation”.

The 3rd page of results of the search clearly shows “Whitney” as a Type “Album” only and is the result I want. I tried AND secondarytype:”” but that returned no results.

How do I do a query where “Album” and only “Album” results are displayed?


I only find 1 physical release and 1 release group.

You have to select advanced query syntax on the search form.

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