Search with partial MBID


I was wondering, is there any interest in (or is it even possible) implementing a search feature that allows for partial MBID searches?

Skimming through doc/Indexed_Search_Syntax and doc/…API/Search I noticed that some queries allow for (part of) strings. Would be cool if, for example, searching for reid:d1ad9426 (the first house of MBID d1ad9426-9f5b-40da-8d04-b0149195d6b6) found the release via the server search; the MBID field in Search - MusicBrainz, even something like release:d1ad9426 on Picard could narrow down the results too?

Also afaik partial MBID searches (kinda) work on Google.


What would be the use case? I’m not sure when you have half an MBID :slight_smile:


What I though was when a portion of the MBID is used for disambiguation like $if(%musicbrainz_albumid%,$left(%musicbrainz_albumid%,8)) in file naming (like IMDb IDs). helps too when files are in a remote so listings and tag scans are slower

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