Search via XML Web Service / Version 1 stopped working

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Hi there,

I’ve noticed that searching via the deprecated Version 1 of the XML Web Service stopped working some days ago. Just wanted to know if it’s gone for good, or something that is an unintended side-effect of the recent server updates?

You can check via the example given in the documentation:

— Florian

Is there a good reason why you need api 1 and cannot use api 2?
And like you suggested they are planning on changing the search server in the next few months.
This should add more parameters that can be used when searching.

The only good reason would be, that it’s used in an application that is used by many people.

I just wanted to know, whether the current situation it’s an unintended side-effect which will be fixed or something that’ll be permanent.

I’m aware that the v1 API is deprecated and plan to move to v2 soon. My question is mainly how fast this move needs to be :slight_smile:

— Florian

Sorry for that, we just reverted the regression, v1 works again.
It is not supported by the upcoming SOLR search server.
Its potential EOL will be discussed at tonight meeting.

Thanks, @yvanzo!

Not sure whether it’s already deployed, but clicking on the example link above still gives the error. Just FYI, I’ll switch to v2 soon.

Kind regards
— Florian

Sorry, I will fix that tonight.
The fix has been correctly deployed to beta at least.

Fix is now correctly deployed on all main servers.

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Thanks @yvanzo!

I’ve just tested it and everything is back to normal now

Kind regards
— Florian

Today came an answer: You have 6 months. Go go go! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks :smiley: I’ve also attended the last IRC meeting, but it’s good to have an official statement.

I’m pretty sure, I can make it :sweat_smile: