Search suggestions: from Alias or alias+credited-as?

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The suggestions for search results in the Add Artist boxes;
Do they use Aliases or Aliases+“Credited as”.?

Or to put it another way;
What is gained by adding “credited as” names as Aliases?

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It seems “credited as” are not searched.
Example DB in indexed, advanced and direct don’t find

Whereas デヴィッド・ボウイ alias only (not credited as anywhere) search works in any method.

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Thanks Jesus.
This probably explains some of the poor search suggestions referred to at

And for release groups at least, it’s even worse.
The aliases themselves are not searched:


Oh actually they seem now used for indexed and advanced (but still not for direct). and direct as well now thanks to MBS-10162!

I keep my ticket open in order to take advantage of release group aliases in release searches (in the same fashion as we take advantage of track names in recording searches).