Search My Listen Data

At the moment it is possible to explore my listens, by browsing through them - however I cannot seem to search through them.

For example, I might want to add a song that I have previously listened to (at some point) to my “loves” or “hates”; but I would have to dig it out, listen to it, wait for it to be submitted and then make the change. What would be kinda cool would be able to search for that track in my listening history.

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I like this idea, and would love to see it in LB. Unfortunately, search is quite a resource-intensive functionality and so we’d need to work out how to set up a system which has fast search for all users over all of the listens that we have in LB.

Out of interest, are you specifically interested in search, or do you think that an alternative navigation system might also work? e.g. if you saw a list of all artists that you listened to in the last 1 month (or other time period), and then you could click through to an artist and see all of their recordings that you’ve listened to, do you think that this might work? From a technical perspective, this is much easier to implement than search, and my intuition is that it should give you most of what you need.

Like as a method of building your own reports? Possibly, additional browsing functionality is always a plus.

I hear a lot about MessyBrainz + ListenBrainz, so this might not work*; but if we are working to bring the projects together it might be cool for recording entity pages to have some kind of widget that shows LB stats (for you and for global?) - again this might be too technically demanding, I’m not sure.

(* might not work because not every “listen” is linked in MBz, but exists as a MessyBrainz entity, and I’m unsure how a MessyBrainz entity gets its MBz link…)

Another aspect that I’ve thought about would be a way of having the LB Love/Hate icons appearing on tracklistings of release entities, however I fear this could
a) make the UX look cluttered
b) be confusing as to why we have both Love/Hate + ratings

I’m going to tag @aerozol along with @akshaaatt in as I think they may have done some UX mock ups possibly that try to bring MBz and LB together more… unless I dreamt it

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Agreed, it’s hard to find listens, and it’s also confusing how links to artists/albums kick you back out to MB. Particularly for old users.

That said, maybe the solution is to use MB more, rather than less. MB already has search and all the entity pages one could wish for. This thread has my mockup for integrating the two:

I’ve often found myself wishing for the LB ‘play’ button when editing something, to check the genre!