ListenBrainz + MusicBrainz? 💡

A thought on how to integrate MB and LB some more. What if you could see what albums you’ve listened to, and how much, in MB?

Also a play button, that either takes you to ListenBrainz, or displays the LB the player component in the MB window.

Rough mockups - please don’t fixate on details.

Note: The ‘Listens’ toggle next to ‘Filter’ would toggle between your stats and global stats. A few other things are missing but you get the gist.

Alternate version with stats in sidebar


Definitely think the “widget” thing looks best in the top right corner :smiley:


I feel like there could be a big toggle at the top to turn this on/off, allowing for much stronger overlays than what I’ve done there. Really highlight played vs unplayed albums!

It would be so cool if you could toggle this on any page… collections etc. Buttons to show stats for your listens on that entity, or compare to another users listens. Someone go code it :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone’s wondering, @akshaaatt has already been dev’ing stronger tables:


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I’m not too sure a play button is a good idea (since it moves MB dangerously close to “streaming site” territory, even if all it does behind the scenes is call another service).

But otherwise I think adding statistics like these is long overdue, since it massively reduces the perception of Metabrainz projects existing as their own isolated islands.

(nitpick: I would much prefer an “average listens per month” or “listens last month” counter to a global all-time counter, since the latter is naturally biased for older entities)


What about the funky ListenBrainz logo? That might look nice


My thinking was: If a random internet user stumbles upon a MB entry, what will make them interact?

For me #1 was a play button. It was originally just a ‘link’ icon but I changed it.

But agreed that it is a slippery slope re. being clear on what the function of each MetaBrainz site is. I don’t really want it getting too fuzzy either.

Since we’re in FantasyBrainz, let’s make that selectable in the ‘Listens’ dropdown/toggles :grin:


Sorry for making yet another RYM comparison, but I think the way they integrated the “play” button on release pages is quite seamless and not disruptive enough for anyone think that RYM is a streaming service. I think that as long as it’s just a widget and not a focal section of the page, it won’t detract anyone from the main point of MB.

Also, I prefer LB stats as a section in the sidebar along with all the other stat info. But maybe it’s just me, because I simply love this tiling design!


Oh, I didn’t know they had that! That’s an easy candidate for the sidebar (they don’t have more than one play button per page, maybe I’m expecting people to want a level of granularity that they actually don’t).

Before click:

After click:
(doesn’t play in-page, they are links)

edit: now that I think about it, this is functionally the exact same as the ‘stream at…’ link we already have on MB pages. But the presentation is much more ‘action orientated’ (e.g. press the play button to play)


For anyone who wants to have a taste of what the interaction could be like, I’ve made this userscript: MusicBrainz UserScript: play on ListenBrainz · GitHub

Note: this does not represent the design efforts aerozol is working on, I just put this together quickly for myself.




p.s. not really important, but this script doesn’t seem to play nice with ropdebee’s import cover art script if anyone is having trouble there


Thanks for reporting the issue!
I don’t want to hijack the thread, just letting everyone know I’ve updated the userscript to fix the issue, sorry about breaking your stuff !

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Maybe some sort of footer/player would not be too intrusive and kept on top while we navigate MB

Like on this site…