Search entities on says "CD TOC not found", but a curl on{id} generates data?

I own Naxos CD 8.554057
The discid is _zmon3FigxHkSgwZkJO7eYLDV64-
When I use the MB website to do an entity search I get “CD TOC not found”.
When I do a curl on

I get:
{“artist”:“Prokofiev, Sergey”,“title”:“Orhestral Suites”,“barcode”:"[none]",“id”:"_zmon3FigxHkSgwZkJO7eYLDV64-",“track-count”:20,“tracks”:[{“title”:“Romeo and Juliet - Montagues and Capulets”,“length”:353200,“artist”:null},{“title”:“Romeo and Juliet - Juliet as a Young Girl”,“length”:213733,“artist”:null},{“title”:“Romeo and Juliet - Friar Laurence”,“artist”:null,“length”:210560},{“title”:“Romeo and Juliet - Dance”,“artist”:null,“length”:165466},{“artist”:null,“length”:430133,“title”:“Romeo and Juliet - Romeo and Juliet Before Parting”},{“title”:“Romeo and Juliet - Dance of the Maids with Lillies”,“artist”:null,“length”:161733},{“title”:“Romeo and Juliet - Romeo at Juliet’s Grave”,“length”:383666,“artist”:null},{“length”:250266,“artist”:null,“title”:“Lt. Kije - The Birth of Kije”},{“artist”:null,“length”:288866,“title”:“Lt. Kije - Romance”},{“length”:177466,“artist”:null,“title”:“Lt. Kije - Kije’s Wedding”},{“length”:178533,“artist”:null,“title”:“Lt. Kije - Troike”},{“title”:“Lt. Kije - The Funeral of Kije”,“artist”:null,“length”:377106},{“artist”:null,“length”:177026,“title”:“Cinderella - Introduction”},{“artist”:null,“length”:239973,“title”:“Cinderella - Pas de Chale”},{“title”:“Cinderella - The Quarrel”,“artist”:null,“length”:220893},{“artist”:null,“length”:319600,“title”:“Cinderella - Fairy Godmother and the Winter Fairy”},{“title”:“Cinderella - Cinderella Goes to the Ball”,“artist”:null,“length”:179040},{“artist”:null,“length”:164600,“title”:“Cinderella - Cinderella’s Waltz”},{“title”:“Cinderella - Midnight”,“length”:123266,“artist”:null},{“length”:91466,“artist”:null,“title”:“The Love for Three Oranges”}],“disambiguation”:""}
Which are all correct track titles.
I would be happy to edit this release, but I don’t know how to get to the existing data.

What happens when you lookup CD with Picard or isrcsubmit?
Maybe it’s a CD stub, not a real release?


Yes, it’s CD stub and needs to be imported into MB:


Look at the URL that @outsidecontext is using. MB is nice and simple sometimes.

Oh - and “CD Stub” means someone added it, but it has no home. Not yet attached to a Release. Look over on the right and you can see how to link it to your release