Search box in top right of MB page - "Artist" only

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The search type selection area in the top right hand corner of the MusicBrainz page only shows “Artist”.

Hiding the other search possibilities may have effects that the designers haven’t fully considered.

Though maybe I’m mis-understanding the design brief. :slight_smile:

EDIT (days later) : My fear that MusicBrainz UI designers had gone over to the dark-side of “contextually dependent”, “mates club”, “cliquey”, “only for the cool kids” UI design has been laid to rest. This is not the case.

Rather there seems to be some compatability issues that result in the drop-down arrow not displaying on browsers such as Firefox.


Huh. What do you mean by that? It’s a select, you can click on it to choose any type - is it broken in your browser? :slight_smile:

Easy link to IRC for bug report

It’s only possible to select something if you know it’s there.
There is no drop-down arrow showing.


Huh, curious. It does show up for me in Chromium. What is your OS/browser/version? :slight_smile:


The arrow is an inline svg. It does not show for me (torbrowser).

The SVG only contains a text character, it seems a bit gratuitous to use SVG for that. But I’m not a web designer… there may be reasons.

The SVG starts with
<svg xmlns='' version='1…0px'>
The elipsis in the version seems a bit strange.


It doesn’t show in Firefox either.


In Opera 12 I have the good old unstyled <select> with drop down arrow, which is perfect for me.


Drop-down arrow not showing in:
Firefox 46.0.1
Firefox 38.8.0 (esr update channel)
Palemoon 26.2.1 (x86)

Shows in:
Google Version 49.0.2623.112 m

(It doesn’t count if my OP didn’t include my feelings about UI designers who go for the “contextually dependent”, “in-crowd” vibe?
Does it?
Can counting to 50 and re-writing 3 times keep the egg off my face?)


I added a ticket for this:


It was only after reading,

that the penny dropped and I thought “This is a bug and I could have reported it”.

This shows the level of IT practical knowledge possesed by some (at least one) MusicBrainz users. :open_mouth:

And why I push for very simple documentation.