Search back-end problems thread

It seems that we have the same issue again right now…

Yes. This time without warning.


I submitted.

Below is the error information. If you wish to file a bug report, you may do so at our bug tracker. The information below will help, so please be sure to include it!

read timeout at /home/musicbrainz/carton-local/lib/perl5/Net/HTTP/ line 274.


They’ve already fixed it. :wink:

The search back-end is undergoing difficulties since Saturday 15. I initially mentioned it in the chat only because I thought it wouldn’t last that long. The situation is getting better as the responsiveness has been recovered, but the results are not up-to-date yet. Please see the ticket below for follow-up:


We switched to an upgraded search back-end just a couple of hours ago. Results should be fully up-to-date again and even returned slightly faster.



So far my searches, easy and hard, are working.

If anything happens, I’ll let you know here. :wink:

For the search error, it should have been temporary, did you retry? Or is it frequent?

For example, temporary errors can occur while we are updating the configuration of the search back-end as we keep monitoring it and tuning to improve performances.

For the edit search taking too long, this is a known issue. For faster search, I suggest you to restrict edits in time through the condition Entered (or Closed) after 2 weeks ago. See the two tickets below for follow-up in the longer term:

Also edit search isn’t powered by the same back-end as the rest. It is actually a direct search to the Postgres database. So don’t expect the upgraded search back-end I announced to have any impact about it.