Search api is unable / I am unable to find this recording when using alias/artistcredit

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I am unable to find this recording by name and artist “Bobby Martell

i have tried"One%20Cup%20of%20Coffee"%20AND%20artist:"Bobby%20Martell"&fmt=json"One%20Cup%20of%20Coffee"%20AND%20artistname:"Bobby%20Martell"&fmt=json"One%20Cup%20of%20Coffee"%20AND%20creditname:"Bobby%20Martell"&fmt=json

This does find the result as you would expect so it must be possible i just cant work it out the syntax"One%20Cup%20of%20Coffee"&fmt=json&limit=100

The artists page shows that Bobby Martell is both an alias and an artist credit, and the recording page shows that Bobby Martell is the artist assigned to at least one version of this recording.

thanks in advance.

Is “Bobby Martell” not one and the same as “Bob Marley”?
If yes, you can search for“One%20Cup%20of%20Coffee”%20AND%20artist:“Bob%20Marley”&fmt=json

Both “Bobby” and “Bob” share the same artist ID “ed2ac1e9-d51d-4eff-a2c2-85e81abd6360”.

You could also search for"One%20Cup%20of%20Coffee"%20AND%20arid:ed2ac1e9-d51d-4eff-a2c2-85e81abd6360&fmt=json

According to, “creditname” is

name credit on the recording, each artist added as a separate field

(emphasis mine). Bobby Martell is the artist credit on the track, but all the search fields are for artist names on the recording. That’s why you can’t find any recordings for Bobby Martell at all:“Bobby%20Martell”&fmt=json


thanks, for confirming its not possible and why. i wonder whether a feature request would carry any traction.

Being able to search Musicbrainz successfully from coverart in hand would be basic to a well functioning encyclopedia.

Filing this a a bug / feature request would be useful -though I suspect that there may already be a ticket.

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did i submit this right? its been a few weeks with no response.

There are about 100 open SEARCH tickets and about 2000 open MBS tickets.