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I found this thread from 7 years ago - Script help - replace in ALL tags
I’m basically looking for the same thing, for example if I wanted to replace the letter “X” for the letter “Y” in every single field that the file I’m tagging currently has. This is possible in mp3tag through an action.

Is this not possible to do with Picard? something like


Is there an equivalent of %_ALL% in Picard?

No, there is currently no functionality to iterate over all tags

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oh that’s a shame, ty for responding!

Just for future readers:
It is quite dangerous to replace one ore more letters in ALL Tags. Because “ALL” would also include the lyrics in UNSYNCEDLYRICS and many more tags where you don’t really want to change something.

So IMHO the use case to change something everywhere is very rare.

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If you only want to do the replacement for a limited set of known tags (here: album and title), you can do something like this (untested code):

$foreach(album; title,