Script help - replace in ALL tags

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Has anyone written a script that will search through ALL tags,
I want to replace “Feat.” “feat.” “Feat” etc etc with just “ft”



What tags have this info besides artist and occasionally title?


recently, at least four others have had this info - that’s why it’ll be useful to search ALL.

I don’t want to list ALL the tags manually - that’ll be time-consuming, inefficient, tedious, not future proof, and a thousand other reasons experience tells me is the wrong way of doing things.

If you really really want to know where I’ve seen the wrong info in tags I could make a list of tag/wronginfo but some would be subjective anyway. Why the interest?


We have a style guideline on how to represent “featured” artists:
This used to say to add them to the Track/Recording title, but not says to include them in the Track/Recording artist credit. If it appears in places outside of the artist credit, something might well be amiss. If everything adhered to the style guideline, you’d be able to simply replace “feat.” with “ft” and not worry about other variations…


Hey BigJonMX, this thought has helped some other people with big collections they’re wanting to tag, and I thought maybe you’d be interested to.
A lot of people come into MB with some very specific ideas of what they want their database/tags to look like, and then try to use MB/Picard to fit everything into that predetermined format. But retagging all your files is a big shift, and sometimes that can be a good time to re-evaluate what you want to do with them, especially as Picard is a powerful tool.
Probably the most common thing that comes up is people wanting to change the ‘feat.’ credits, however since Picard supports ‘Album Artist’ tags it’s usually no trouble at all to browse artists via that tag instead of ‘artist’ in your music player, and still keep the better/more complete artist tags intact. If your music player doesn’t support browsing by ‘album artist’ this might be one of the few times in your music storing life where you get the opportunity to try some other options on for size, eg Foobar2000.
Similarly, if you’re retagging all your files, using the MB standards for ‘ft’ might be something you can find yourself willing to live with, and save some time as well.

That said it’s your personal music collection, you know your needs and wants better than me :slight_smile:
Good luck and have fun :wink:


Thanks for the reply,
yes i’m happy, well ok, with featured artists to be written as Artist - Name ft Name (personally i liked it in Title - Song ft Name). Its a change i can live with. (its offical now you say?)

i dont like Feat/feat/Feat. (i will insist on ft only)
And i really dont like Feat. Name in Album Artist, Album Artist Sort Order, Artist Sort Order and others. I believe its wrong, and it certainly looks a mess.

So im back to the original questions, does anyone know how to search/remove strings “Feat. ???” or “feat ???” from all tags ?


Isn’t there a plugin that transfers featured artists to titles?


Yes, as already suggested at

Other than that it is possible to replace the featuring using the $replace function. Not for all tags, but there is only a handful of tags which could include the featuring anyway.


[quote=“BigJonMX, post:6, topic:175443”]
And i really dont like Feat. Name in Album Artist[/quote]

Feat. shouldn’t be in Album Artist, which is why you should browse artists using that field.
Storing the featured artist in track title is basically an old fashioned hack - it’s not the track title and the track artist field is perfectly capable of storing all the artists like the title implies.

Just saying :sweat_smile:


Except when it should:"+feat.+"+NOT+creditname%3A"feat"&type=release_group&limit=25&method=advanced