Scripts that are available for use

While most all here know I generally dislike scripts, I do have a question on them. Has anyone here created a list of scripts that are available? I know that many have posted links to different threads and pages, and there are repos on GitHub with collections of scripts, but I would like to see a listing of the scripts that are available.

While I do not use scripts as a part of my normal editing, I use a few for viewing on the site. Additionally, there are some I use as needed, and host 2 of those myself.

If there is no such list, could I ask that others post the scripts they use on this thread, and I will add them to my MB page? Even if no other users look at the page, it is a resource I personally would like to have available to me.

Additionally, I know that the original creator of the iTunes artwork finder asks his users to self host to save him resources, so if that is a preference, just state it. I know GitHub is generally not sensitive to usage, but when there are integrations with other services like Vercel for example, user accounts are limited.

If anyone has other ideas on this, please do share. I am first looking to educate myself on the scripts that are available and second to share it should anyone else have interest.


Someone created this list (that I bookmarked): User:Colbydray/UserscriptList - MusicBrainz Wiki

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