Script to submit tags from local files to musicbrainz


I see there is a picard extension to send tag to mb but picard do not support big libraries.
So is there an existing script to submit tags from local files to musicbrainz ? That run on mac, linux and windows.

Thx :slight_smile:

Yay, tags :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Have you tried loading your library into Picard in a few passes? e.g. not all at once.

yeay might work o/ But I would like to have an easy and quick tool to share with some dj friend that have a lot of tagged tracks jaja
But now that I think about this they need to have mbid anyway so picard is needed in any case. Will try and see how it goes :slight_smile:

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if you’re talking about the plugin by @Victini, you can submit more than just genres specifically, but also moods and any other similar tags~ I’ve got a few tags MusicBee uses, since that’s been my music player of choice

I’ve also set mine up to change some genre tags to the MusicBrainz genre name, but you don’t have to, since most genres have aliases in place to (eventually) combine all the disparate genre tags into one (i.e. hip hop and hip-hop)


all tags (genre, mood etc) are submited to musicbrainz tag table no ? I mean there is no mood table yet on musicbrainz ?

You can submit anything to the tag table, indeed, but there is no mood whitelist yet.

I think this ticket is where moods are currently at:

More input would definitely be useful - what do you expect to be in a mood whitelist? Do you have existing tags (maybe from other software) that you need or want to be in there, or is it more helpful for musicbrainz to have moods that are consistent and predictable/all come from the same system?

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I don’t use moods, but I suppose having a similar alias like in genre is a must have.

Having sub-moods could be nice. Like having a general mood containing “Energetic” “Excited” “Festive” “Fun”. Or having suggestion to group moods together, because their could be a lot of them.

But you already though about this in a way more developed way than me jaja

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