Same song on multiple releases - help for!

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Long story short: I released an album “Lost At Sea” last year. A few months later I put out a live EP featuring two of the tracks from it in different versions. picks up the “album” of these two songs as the live EP, despite the album being the main release and coming out earlier.

How can I correct this, and why does it choose the Live EP over the actual album?

Here’s the page for reference. Note the two tracks coming up as “Live at the whiskey jar” when they should be as “lost at sea”.


I’ve never used and don’t know how their algorithm works, but in our usage those two versions are actually different recordings (they would likely be the same work, but those are used so much less than recordings). Indeed, if you look at what we have in the database, the live version is correctly separated from the one on the album. If only displays the tracks on the live album, there’s not much we can do here – they could be given more data (and a linking work in particular), but they are still technically correct as far as our own guidelines go, and any improvements made won’t do much for other services. You’re going to have to ask over there to get it fixed. Sorry!


Thanks for your reply! I’ll try and get in touch with them, thanks for getting back so fast!