Same person?

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Kendal Stubbs
Kendall Stubbs
Kendall Stubs

All 3 are studio personnel (engineers, mixers, etc).
What is the possibility that they are all the same person? And, if yes, which one is the correct spelling?
AND, were they credited with the misspelled names, or did someone enter their names wrong which would require all of the entries to be corrected?

It would be very helpful if you would link their actual MusicBrainz entries. :wink:

I’d say it’s a very good possibility.

I’d probably just start with merging into the oldest one and figure out naming afterwards.

If in doubt, assume that they were credited “wrong” and leave it (IMHO). If someone has the actual release(s), they can fix it then.

At least on the Paula Abdul release “Forever Your Girl” it should
be “Kendall Stubbs” instead of “Kendal Stubbs”.
(Scans at )
I’ll check the other credits later, but for the moment I think “Kendall Stubbs” is the correct spelling of his name.

In cases like this, I’ve had good success in getting answers by sending an email to the studio (or for artist related stuff to their management company) explaining that I’m updating the information in MusicBrainz (along with a brief explanation of what MB is) and asking if they could clarify so that the information is entered correctly. After all, they are probably the best source of the information. Of course, that’s only an option if you can find the appropriate contact information for the studio (or management company).


18 months later…
They are all the same person and the correct spelling is - Kendal Stubbs


As often happens, I moved on to something else and then never came back to it. Until the other day when the name showed up on my watchlist and I started working on it. A google search showed showed me this thread, and I figured “hey, let’s go read and see what it has to say”. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and discovered that I created it.