Same or another release/release group?

Hello, I’m new here and have something that I cannot figure out.

I have a CD which is identical to - i.e. it have the same tracks and the same disc ID.

But it was released by Warner Music Denmark in 1996 with another label (Erato 0630-12819-9), another cover, another barcode and another title. How is that handled?

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Create a different release in the same release group. When adding a medium (CD) for new release, re-use a medium from an existing release if all tracks are identical.
See also MusicBrainz wiki article on release groups.


Thank you. I created but I cannot see where to add the Disc ID when editing. is no help.

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You will have to make a disk lookup and then find your added release from that and attach the looked up Disc ID to that. How to Add Disc IDs should guide you through these steps. At what point in that document does it no longer apply?


@Freso: First I looked for somewhere in the edit page to enter the disc ID without success. At some point I realized that I needed to install Picard which I didn’t know about before. Then I came to the lookup page via Picard and tried to follow the howto by searching for Rodrigo. I clicked on the name in the search result, came to a discography, selected the release, tried to edit but still saw no way to enter disc ID.

I have now revisited the procedure. I found out that I shouldn’t click on the artist link in the search result, but instead mark the box before the name and click on the select button which I missed the first time I tried. So now I have finally added the ID, but it would be helpful if the howto was more clear on the mentioned points.