Same Disc ID, different barcode

Hello all! I’m kind of new here.

I used Picard to lookup a disc I have. It found its Disc ID was AaaK8GRy8jYKeG5TSLpEQnltLvc- and it matched an existing release.

However, the information I have on my CD is different:

  • Country is different (Taiwan instead of Hong Kong)
  • Barcode is different

Since it’s impossible to set multiple barcodes, am I supposed to create a different release, even though the data on the disc is the same (it is indeed the 旺得福 release by 旺福)?

Thanks for your help!


Yes, you need to add a new release due to the new barcode. The DiscID being shared around Asia is not surprising.

When adding a new release, you should be offered the track list of the old one, so you won’t have to type it all out again.

And Welcome to MusicBrainz :slight_smile:


See release edit history, I have added question to the original editor in original Edit #23413578 - Add release.

Countries, multiple consecutive labels, barcodes and catalogue numbers and cover arts were all added by separate editors, so this release may be quite a mix of several editions.

Please create your specific edition with all info (label from the spine, catalogue number as printed, barcode as printed, release country, disc ID, etc.).

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In general, every country will have its own CD release in MusicBrainz due to the interaction of industry practice and MusicBrainz Style. Specifically, different cover art is a different release.

  1. Barcode tends to be part of the cover art.
  2. Most manufacturers and distributors credit themselves on the cover art.

Looking at 3 of the biggest markets for music,

  1. Europe tends to mandate/recommend that an EU label code be printed on the cover art. EU label codes don’t exist in the USA and Japan.
  2. USA tends to mandate/recommend that an FBI Anti-Piracy Warning be printed on the cover art. The FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction in Europe and Japan.
  3. Japan tends to mandate/recommend several things be printed on the cover art, such as release date, price tag, etc. Europe and the USA don’t use Japanese yen as their currency.

Thank you all for your help! I created a new release for this CD.



Great! :slight_smile:

If it matches 旺福 – 旺得福 (2013, CD) - Discogs you can link this Discogs page to your release.

They mention a 亞神唱片 label.
What label is your edition? On the spine? Next to WM2013-028? :slight_smile:

There are two things:

What should I do?

Set both labels. :slight_smile:
Maybe set this label release page as discography page, as well.

I figured this out and edited the release. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Ah, an extra question: in the AsiaMuse discography page and in the WonderMusic entry, track 4 is cased “Come On Let’s Go”. But on the track list on the actual CD, it is cased “Come on Let’s Go”. Which case should I use?


based on the style guidelines for Chinese (and in turn, English), I’d say “Come On Let’s Go” (see number 2.c on English Style Guide)