Same album with different artist credits (and title)

we have obviously a duplicate release group.
the original:

and the remastered edition with (not only) improved quality:

(it’s not a compilation and the bonus track only was recorded live)

Now what to do:
I suppose, the original release should be preferred over the remastered. So Estate will be merged into Crystal Bells.

(The “Chet Baker Trio” itself is another story. Half of the attached albums have no such credit and all of them have varying personnel. The only recurring member is Chet Baker himself.)

But what is the title?
In fact the title “Crystal Bells” was added later. If we look at the original release, there was no title at all (look at the images):

and even on the 1985 CD release, there was no title (I’ve got more images of the CD release, “Crystal Bells” is the title of track 1, that’s all, no release title anywhere):

The title was seemingly added to the 2010 release, so it’s not much earlier then “Estate”.

Is it [untitled] then? Or self-titled?

Or should we keep the first title it has got? The front image in MB is from the 2010 release…

It’s always complicated with jazz albums… :sweat_smile:

(–> self-titled!)

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