Russian-speaking help for messy Russian release

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@CatQuest found this mess while trying to work on a report:

As far as I can tell, it’s a release of Soviet youth songs, but the artist is entered as one long artist credit for Various Artists (which is clearly wrong). I can probably kinda-sorta guess at the right artist for each of the parts of the artist credit, but maybe someone who’s actually fluent in Russian is willing to try to help fix this?

I’m also not sure if the track artists should be the appropriate performers (if so, I’m not sure how to find the actual performer for each track - the back cover, available on Discogs, seems to just have the same list we have on the AC and nothing more), or if we should consider this a "classical"ish release (Wikipedia says Лев Полосин and Борис Кузнецов are a tenor and a baritone and the others seem to all be choirs) and set the track artist as the composers (which seem to be given on the back cover, so at least that’d solve the question of who to credit for the tracks, if not the recordings).

Halp? :slight_smile:


@fedcor @greycat This’d be right up you guys’ alley, I think.

Did some search myself. I’ve found that the linked discogs release is only the disc 2?
It seems that that is one release (and presumably disc 1 is a separate release) same with all the other links I’ve found: Amazon CD1 Amazon CD2
Czech shop CD1 Czech shop CD2
Russian shop CD1 Russian shop CD2

Possibly these are two releases (linked with “is the next cd in the set”) which was made into one release during NGS?

Л. Полосин, Б. Кузнецов, Большой детский хор имени В. С. Попова и ЭСО (дир. Ю.Силантьев), хоровая студия «Пионерия», хор ЦДКЖ, детцкие хоры

Divide this mess:

I’m not sure how to find the actual performer for each track

There is no (simple) way to find it out.

Names in the track list on the back cover is composer and poet who create this song. Some of them already exist in MB database, some not, for some of them i don’t even find full name or any info besides copy-paste from covers of such compilations


There is some style-discussion about this release:

Just my 2 pennies. Added works for rec-s with distinct names. Others could be added too, but need to listen tracks to identify them. Used this sites for work credits in case someone would want to check me (which i, as always, recommend to do!):

Also it seems this is the list of the songs by Полосин and Кузнецов, presented in this release:

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