Romaji and English translated

There is a release with both Japanese and English titled songs. There is a translated version with most of the Japanese titles translated into English, except for the very last one which is in Romaji. I have the full list of tracks in Romaji from a and the English translated title as well. Should I add the Romaji version as a translation to the original and fix the last track of the English translated one?

I know there are some rules about Romaji but I can’t actually read Japanese let alone translated, so I’m using the Romaji translations from

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We set the titles as they are printed on the tracklist.
If you want an alternative tracklist, you can duplicate the MB release to a pseudo release, that’s made for that.
Please link the example you are talking about, it’s difficult otherwise. :mask:

There is already a proper entry in the database with the titles as printed on the CD case, which is mix of English and Japanese names. There is also a “transliterated/translated” entry for the CD with most of the Japanese named tracks in English, except for the last one which is in Romaji.

Should I create another “transliterated/translated” entry for the album with the Romaji versions of the Japanese tracks, and then also fix the one Romaji entry in the English translated version.

Here is the release link.


Nailed it, good plan :+1:

Cover art can also be moved from pseudo releases to just the official release.