Ripping software to use with Picard

On another discussion @Freso mentioned that there was at least one CD ripper that supplied MBIDs, without disclosing it. For Picard users, a ripper that supplies the MBIDs is really useful as it means that the ripped files can be dragged onto Picard and matched automatically.
I’m wondering what ripping software Picard users favour. I know dBpoweramp can supply MBIDs but it often fails to recognize releases which are in MB. EAC with CUETools Metadata plugin seems to get the release more often but doesn’t supply the MBIDs as far as I can see.
I’ve generally found the most reliable method is to use the CD lookup in Picard and then cluster and match the ripped files manually, but I would be interested if anyone has something slicker.

I disclosed it though :slight_smile: :

All the CD rippers that I know of using (or capable of using) MusicBrainz data are listed here:

whipper is my favourite: it uses MB for metadata lookups and embeds MBIDs directly into resulting files, it exclusively aims for accurate rips over fast rips, and it’s CLI and written in Python (which means I can script it further). (I’m also one of the contributors to whipper, so I may be somewhat biased. :slight_smile:)


Ah - didn’t spot the edit! Is a Windows port of whipper possible, do you think? I don’t have a CD drive attached to my Raspberry Pi.

I don’t think it would be too hard. The bulk of it is in Python (which is cross-platform), but some of the externally called binaries may need to be replaced, and some of those have readily available versions for Windows—but I don’t know if all of them do. Alternatively, you could use something like Cygwin or the Linux subsystem for Windows 10 (if your Windows is Windows 10, that is).


A ripper for a Windows PC - I’d always put in a vote for EAC with the CUETools plugin. I can’t remember if if puts the MBID in, but it is using MB for lookups.

I rip with EAC using the CUETools plugin to partially tag. Then after ripping fire up Picard for full control over the tags for that album. The bonus of this is using the SCAN in Picard to add the AcousticIDs and potentially upload any new data to the MusicBrainz database.

I find these two programs work well together. It also means you can be ripping the next CD while fine tuning the tags in the previous album.


I don’t think it does.

Agree, it is not a perfect combo to get the MBID at rip time. Just did a quick test. CUETools uses the MB lookup and then added in the following tags.


This is enough for me as Picard can fairly accurately hit the album from this info. And Picard is so much better linked into MB than anything else it helps when it is the final step for setting the tags.

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